Laminated Bag

A laminated bag is composed of layers of firmly united materials. The quality of printing is finer than that of general poly bags. Laminated bags can be used in various applications depending on the types of the layered materials. The available shapes of bag include

  1. Three-side-sealed bag
  2. Center-sealed bag
  3. Stand-up pouch (Bottom-gusseted)
  4. Zipper bag

Let us know your requirements and we will customize the laminated bag to your exact specifications. To request a quotation, provide us the following information or contact us for consultation.

  1. Describe the use of the bag
  2. Size width x height in mm.
  3. Bottom gusset dimension (measure when unfolded) in mm
  4. Colors to be printed
  5. Order amount/volume (or ask for the minimum order volume)