Things you should know before ordering Paper Bag

We would like to suggest some tips to make things easier for making the quotations. What’s this paper bag for? What’s goods it contains? And how much weight the goods are.
  1. Material
    • KA (Dark brown paper)
    • KI (Light brown paper)
    • Brown/white two-sided paper
    • Bond paper
    • art paper glossy
    • art paper matted
  2. paper thickness (grams). We can suggest the thickness, based on type and weight of the goods
  3. size of paper bags. Width, height, and gusset.
  4. Printing
  5. How many color?
  6. If there are emboss logo or text, please measure the size of emboss logo.
  7. Handle
    • Twisted paper handle (Brown). Perfect for KA and KI paper
    • Nylon handle
    • Flat fabric rope
  8. Minimum quantity is 1000 pcs